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Currently SEAS are busy digitally archiving The Sunbeam Collection and a range of ‘Walkies’. These are being added to the website on a weekly basis – so do keep returning. Whilst browsing please note that titles are not imposed upon the images – rather and as best we can – a description and keywords are allocated.

1921 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1932 1933 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 35mm accident acrobatics actors adam faith advertising aerial aerobatics agriculture aircraft airman amateur dramatics ambulance americans animals arcade archbishop archery armistice day army arp art ash aviation b47 babies ballroom band bankside bar barbara castle bathing beauty batman bbc beach beach sports bear beauty queen ben may bicycle biplane birchington-on-sea bleak house boat bodybuilder bolshoi ballet bonfire night book botany bay boulogne bowls boxing boy boys brewery bride bridge british broadstairs building bull bulldozer bus butlin's cactus cadets cafe caged birds cake calais calendar camel camping canberra canoe canterbury captain digby car car rally carnival carousel cart castle casualty cat cattle cattle market cecil square celebration charity event charles dickens school charlie drake chatham house school chef children chimpanzee chipperfield's chorister chris fright christmas church churchyard cinema circus civic event civil defence clement attlee cliftonville clock tower clown coffee collector college colour comedian commercial computer construction contest cooking councellor couple cow cowboy crab crane crash crew cricket crime crowd cubs dakota dalek damaged dance dane court school deal demolition denis compton detective diana dors dickens house dickens week digger dinah sheridan dinghy disaster diving docks dog doll dolphin donald duck donkey dr who drag dreamland duchess of gloucester duchess of kent duck dumpton gap east kent bus co east kent times eastbourne edward heath elderly elections elephant ellington park ephemera events exhibition explosive f84f f86 factory family fancy dress farm farmer fashion father christmas fete field filming fire fire brigade fire engine firemen fireworks first aid fish fishermen fishing flood flower show food football foreness bay france frank jackson fred dinenage free range french friends funfair galina ulanova garage garden garden-on-the-sands garlinge geoffrey fisher george wilson girl guides girls girls brigade glamour goat golden garter golf goodwins granville theatre group grumman amphibian guitar gun gymkana gymnastics harbour hartsdown hattie jaques helicopter herbert morrison hereson herne bay high st hillman's airways historic hockey home hop picking horse hospital hotel hoteliers hovercraft hoverlloyd hugh gaitskell hughie green ice cream illuminations industry and retail interior invicta motors italian jack warner jazz band jess conrad jet jetty john lemesurier john mayall john mills jon pertwee joss bay journalist july kent kids king ethelbert's school king of denmark kingsgate kiosk kitchen lambretta leo library lido lifeboat lighthouse lightship lilo lion locomotive lonnie donegan lord northbourne lorry louisa bay lydden man manston margate margate main sands marina swimming pool martin walters mayor mayoress mechanic men michael ramsey mickey mouse millwall fc minnis bay minster-in-thanet missile model model village mods monkey morelli's mother motor scooter motorboat motorcycle mr pastry mr teasy-weasy muffin the mule museum musicians mystic neptune square newgate gap newington newington school north foreland northdown road nurses odeon officer old lookout ozonic palm bay pancake race panda parade park parrot party passengers patrick troughton pavillion pegwell pelosis people performers photographer photographers pier pilot play ploughing match police politics ponies pool pop idol portrait post office postcard poster power station pram presentation prince phillip printers promenade protest pub public figures publicity punch and judy queen mother queen of the channel queen's flight queing quentin hogg race radar station radio raf railway ramsgate ramsgate airport ramsgate athletic fc rapide red cross regency rememberance remembrance sunday reporter rescue restaurant richborough riders river stour rnli road robot roger allen roller coaster roller skating roy castle roy hudd royal albion royal navy royal observer corp royalty rspca russian sabre sailing sailor salvation army sandwich school schoolboy schoolgirl scouts scrambling scrivens scroll sea sea bathing hospital sea cadets seaside sheep shelter ship ship inn shop show showgirls showjumping silver city airways simon dee singer snow soldier southwood specatators speed trials spitfire sport sports day sportsmen sportswomen squall st bernard dog st mildred's bay st.georges school st.john's ambulance st.lawrence st.leonards st.peters stagecoach station steam train stone bay students studio sunbeam sundeck swimming teacher teddy bear teenager television thanet thanet college theatre theatre royal tiger tiger moth toll bridge tommy cooper tommy trinder tony britton tourist town hall townley house tractor train transport travellers trawler trees tricycle trumans tudor house tunnel tv twins ufo usaf van vicar victorian viking bay viking pageant viking ship village volkswagen volunteers vyes walkies walpole bay war memorial water gala water polo water ski wedding wellesley house west bay westbrook westgate-on-sea westwood william rees-davies winner winter gardens women worker wout steenhuis wraf wreckage wrvs yachts young zoo