1963 (1)

Barbara Walton holding David Walton outside Melbourne Avenue. Newington, Ramsgate, Kent. 1963


1956 (1)

Left; Joy Rose with Terri Rose 1956. Right Terri Rose with sister Alexis. Wentworth Drive, Newington, Ramsgate, Kent.


dog (3)

Lynda Walton and dog at Princess Margaret Avenue, Newington,Ramsgate, Kent.1955.

Barron the dog outside the log cabin in the garden of the Rose family, Wentworth Drive, Newington, Ramsgate, Kent.

Lynda Walton in the back garden at No.62 St Johns Avenue with with Jason. Newington, Ramsgate Kent.1965.


1964 (1)

Snow at Rockstone Way, Newington, Ramsgate, Kent. 1964


1953 (2)

Lynda Walton with friends during kids party at the Flowing bowl pub, Newington, Ramsgate, Kent. 1953 (possibly corontation party)

Quetta Road.1953, Coronation Day. David and Dilys Cook