friends (5)

Left; Lynda Walton with Suzzane Bellingham holding Claire Bellingham. Newington, Ramsgate Kent. 1960

Terri Rose’s first car at Bengal Road Newington Ramsgate, Kent. 1976 Left; Eileen Debling Middle; May Debling Right; Terri Rose


Eileen Debling and Terri Rose in the garden at Bengal Road, Newington, Ramsgate. 1976.

Kent coal miners at the Flowing Bowl pub after work at Newington, Ramsgate, Kent.. Sydney Bellingham (2nd left) with friends. 1960

Conyngham school pupils 1973. Sean Connell, Terri Rose, Joanne Jackson, Neil Morgan, Ray Keatley, Alex Carter, Steven (Jumbo) Cox.


1952 (7)

No. 2 Quetta road. May1952

David and Dilys Cook at Quetta Road Newington, Ramsgate, Kent. 1952

Cook Album Top; Barbara Cook with David and Dilys. Bottom; David and Dilys Cook. May 1952. Quetta Road

Cook album Top Left; David Cook. Top Right; David and Dilys Cook.
Bottom Left; Dilys Cook.  BottomRight; Dilys and David Cook - Quetta Road 1952

Barbara Cook with David and Dilys at Quetta Road, Newington, Ramsgate, Kent. 1952


aerial (2)

Newington housing estate under construction during late 1940s. Ramsgate, Kent

Newington estate from the air looking north east.


1971 (1)

Newington School Netball team 1971


1953 (2)

Quetta Road.1953, Coronation Day. David and Dilys Cook

Lynda Walton with friends during kids party at the Flowing bowl pub, Newington, Ramsgate, Kent. 1953 (possibly corontation party)