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Broadstairs (530)

Children in Water Gala fancy dress competition at Victoria Gardens, Broadstairs, Kent.

High tides and rough seas at Broadstairs harbour jetty 1964, Broadstairs, Kent.

People on beach at Botany Bay, Broadstairs, Kent.

Sheila Berry (maiden name Wilkins), taken on Viking Bay, Broadstairs,Kent.1955.

Children in fancy dress competition and parade at Victoria gardens, Broadstairs, Kent.

Infants at fancy dress contest Victoria gardens Broadstairs, Kent. Over exposed plate.

Battle of the Millers and Sweeps at the Broadstairs Water Gala at Viking Bay, Broadstairs, Kent 1965.

Bathers and sailing dinghys in Viking bay Broadstairs Kent.

Broadstairs Water Gala event with King Neptune and children in boat, Viking Bay, Broadstairs, Kent. 1969.

Schoolboy in back garden with model church.

Cecil Spurgeon (Spur) and Win Spurgeon sitting in tent on beach. Taken at (possibly ) Louisa Bay, Broadstairs.

Pram Park outside the Garden on the Sand, Broadstairs Pavilion, Broadstairs, Kent.

Broadstairs publicity van at Pierremont Hall Broadstairs, Kent. 1961.

Broadstairs residents dressed as Victorian/Dickensian characters out and about in the town 1969. Broadstairs, Kent.

Ex Prime Minister Edward Heath and chairman of the town council at event on Broadstairs harbour Jetty 1969.

Phil Mays with Michaela Mays on Sunbeam Donkey at Broadstairs, Kent. 1969

Mr.Moss (grandfather) escorting brides Joyce Butler and Phyllis Butler (sisters) into St. Peter’s Church near Broadstairs, September 1946.

Father Christmas on sleigh being pulled by scouts outside scout hut in Belvedere road, Broadstairs, Kent. 1960.

Jean Osborne (nee Haynes) eating an ice cream on Viking Bay, Broadstairs, aged three and a half, taken July 1933.

High tides and rough seas at Dumpton Gap, Broadstairs, Kent.

View of Pierremont Park, Broadstairs, Kent.

Stone Bay at Broadstaiars, Kent.

Men dressed as victorians with boneshakers at Broadstairs carnival. Broadstairs, Kent.

Cars parked along North Foreland Hill going down towards Joss Bay car park with channel steamer at sea. Broadstairs, Kent. 1964

Young man dressed as American native indian at Broadstairs carnival 1962