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Broadstairs (530)

Portrait of Win Spurgeon, taken at Viking Bay, Broadstairs.

Win Spurgeon, Jill Griffin (maiden name Spurgeon) and Cecil Spurgeon (Spur) walking in Broadstairs, Kent.

North Foreland lighthouse, Broadstairs, Kent.

Interior of Morelli’s Ice Cream Parlour, Broadstairs, Kent.

Off licence in Broadstairs High Stret 1964

Broadstairs Dicken’s Week characters at Pierremont Hall, Broadstairs, Kent. 1962.

Children taking part in pony rides on clifftop above Louisa bay, Broadstairs, Kent.

Girls brigade float at Broadstairs carnival, Broadstairs, Kent.

Demolition of Shooters fish and chip shop, 29 High St, Broadstairs, Kent.

Sailing dingy at sea off Broadstairs, Kent.

Cars parked along North Foreland Hill going down towards Joss Bay car park with channel steamer at sea. Broadstairs, Kent. 1964

Ozonic table water factory at Westwood, near Broadstairs, Kent. Now currently the site of DFS.

Sunbeam photograph of child on Sunbeam donkey Broadstairs promenade 1970

Overturned car at the entrance to Joss Bay car park Broadstairs, Kent. 1966

The verandah and beach huts at Viking Bay, Broadstairs, Kent.

Pillow fight on the greasy pole at Broadstairs water gala Viking bay, Broadstairs Kent.

Postcard still of Kingsgate Castle taken from the air. Broadstairs, Kent.

Sea Scouts rowing Miss Water Gala around Viking Bay during Broadstairs Water Gala day at Viking Bay 1964.

Viking Bay, Broadstairs, Kent ,during the Water gala event.

Postcard still of Kingsgate castle taken from the air. Broadstairs, Kent.

Michael Mays and unkown woman at Broadstairs, Kent.

Florence Masters, Flora Gifford, Gladys Gifford, Lily Gifford, taken at Broadstairs by the Royal Abion Hotel.

Girls in bathing costume contest at Water Gala event Victoria Gardens, Broadstairs, Kent.

Lily Gifford and Gladys Gifford walking, taken by the Royal Albion Hotel, Broadstairs.

High spring tide at Broadstairs harbour, Kent, 1969