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Fancy dress (191)

Children in fancy dress at Ash village fair, Kent.

Ramsgate General Hospital carnival float, Ramsgate carnival, Ramsgate, Kent.

Children’s fancy dress contest being filmed at Broadstairs Water Gala at Victoria Gardens, Broadstairs, Kent 1965.

Publicity shoot for play at the Memorial theatre. Location the Broadway with the old Broadstairs fire station in background, Broadstairs, Kent.

Broadstairs Dickens’ Week characters and stagecoach at Pierremont Hall, Broadstairs, Kent. 1962.

Men in fancy dress on horse-drawn trailer at Ash village fair.

Woman in armour dressed as Joan of Arc on a horse in Westbrook Avenue, Margate Carnival c1960

Man and woman on gardening themed float at Ramsgate carnival. Wescliff parade, Ramsgate, Kent.

Boy dressed as robot for Ramsgate carnival parade.

Punch and Judy Man Peter Butchard with Dickens Week characters in the Royal Albion Hotel gardens, Broadstairs, Kent 1965.

Children in fancy dress standing on trailer at Ash flower show, Ash village, Kent 1954

Ramsgate Parks and Gardens float at Ramsgate carnival, Ramsgate, Kent.

Carnival Performers in fancy dress at Westbrook, Margate Carnival c1960

Carnival entrants in fancy dress at Broadstairs, Kent. 1972.

Cartoon duck fancy dressed entrant to carnival parade and fancy dress contest at Thanet, Kent. 1966

Two girls in Water Gala fancy dress competition at Victoria Gardens, Broadstairs, Kent.

1964 May Day queen and princesses at the Square, Birchington-on-Sea, Kent.

‘Sherrif’ Danny Arnold from the Golden Garter Saloon at the Lido and young girl dressed as a Native American, at the Oval bandstand, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent. 1966

Staff and performers from the Golden Garter saloon at the Lido, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent.

Train robber themed entrant to carnival parade at the Oval banstand, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent. 1966

Men dresed as cowboys with group of children at Ramsgate carnival, Harbour Parade, Ramsgate, Kent.

Women embracing Michelin Man figure at garage, Thanet, Kent. 1972.

Woman in armour dressed as Joan of Arc on a horse in Westbrook Avenue, Margate Carnival c1960

Children dressed up as witches walking down the High Street, Ramsgate, Kent.

Post office social club carnival float, Ramsgate carnival, Ramsgate, Kent.