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Harbour (151)

Admiralty cottage looking towards Bleak House, Broadstairs harbour, Broadstairs, Kent.

Young woman being carried in speedboat at the harbour, Ramsgate, Kent.

Boats in Broadstairs harbour, Viking Bay, Broadstairs, Kent.

View of harbour arm east at Ramsgate Harbour, Kent.

Clown on raft at Ramsgate water carnival, Ramsgate Harbour, Kent.

Droit house looking towards the building of the new lighthouse at Margate Harbour, Margate, Kent.

Mayor Kirby with Margate publicity van near Ship Hotel with local hoteliers,Margate, Kent.

Man restoring clock face on clock tower at Ramsgate harbour, Kent.

Fire Brigade rescue excercise aboard the Golden Spray at Margate harbour arm 1964. Margate, Kent.

Loading or unloading car form ship at Ramsgate harbour

Waves crashing over jetty at Broadstairs Harbour jetty, Broadstairs, Kent.

People disembarking from Eagle steamer on a day trip to Boulogne in France. Boulogne Harbour, France.

Circus clown at Ramsgate Water Carnival,Ramsgate harbour, Kent.

Woman diving off of Broadstairs harbour jetty at the 1967 Water Gala, Broadstairs, Kent.

High tides and rough seas at Broadstairs harbour jetty 1964, Broadstairs, Kent.

High spring tides at Broadstairs harbour jetty.1965

Couple in fancy dress in front of Hoverlloyd hovercraft ‘Swift’ at the harbour, Ramsgate. Kent.

1950s bathing beauties at Margate harbour, Margate, Kent.

Amphibian car being tried out in Ramsgate harbour, Ramsgate, Kent.

Jack Holyer and John Holyer, walking along Ramsgate harbour.

Hereson Schoolboys inspecting cannon with sailors on HMS Bossington at the harbour, Ramsgate, Kent.

Fisherman mending nets at Ramsgate, Harbour, Kent.

East Kent Co open top double decker number 69 bus at Madeira Walk, Ramsgate, Kent.

Mayor Kirby with Margate publicity van near Ship Hotel with local hoteliers,Margate, Kent.

Young man with broken leg relaxing at the harbour, Ramsgate, Kent.