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Margate (648)

Linda Davis and friends walking along Margate seafront past Dreamland. Taken early 1950s.

Bathing beauties on motor boat off Margate Jetty, Margate, Kent.

Margate Tea Room c1950

Air Raid Precautions (First Aid Parties) Vehicle and Staff, Kings Street Yard, Margate c1938

One of the Marsh siblings sitting on a Sunbeam donkey. Margate, Kent.

Three young women visitors with rucksacks outside the town hall at Margate,Kent.

Holiday guests at Ellison Hotel Cliftonville, Margate, Kent. 1955. Second from left Rosalyn Benson.

John Wall, Cynthia Wall and Elizabeth Wall sitting in deckchairs. Taken at Margate, June 1937.

Beach sports at Walpole Bay, Margate, Kent.

Putting near the Bungalow cafe, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent.

Mayor John Gardiner Read (1956-1957) attending bowls tournament, St Georges Lawn Cliftonville,1950s. Margate, Kent.

Five children sitting on a Sunbeam elephant outside the Bungalow cafe, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent.

Ginger Bass with cactus plants at 13 Market Place, Margate, Kent.

Margate Marine Sands, stone pier and jetty taken from Dreamland Tower. Margate, Kent. c1950

From left to right - Rosalyn Benson, James Benson (father), Minnie Benson (mother), Steve Hazel (uncle) Evelyn Benson (sister) Cliftonville promenade, Margate, Kent. 1947.

Entrants to the Miss Lido beauty contest at the Lido, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent.

Winnie Crump and possibly mother (?) walking, possibly taken at Westbrook, Margate, Kent.

Ballroom Dancing at the Winter Gardens, Margate, Kent.

Evelyn Benson with Steve Hazel (uncle) in the sea at Cliftonville, Margate, Kent, 1950s.

Promonade / Sea Defence Construction Lido to Newgate Gap Cliftonville, Margate. February 1957.

Bird’s eye view of wooden roller coaster and Dreamland amusement park, Margate Kent.

Kent Cooperative Beauty Queen competition contestants on stage at Margate Winter Gardens.

Helen, Jean and Ron Arthrell at Cliftonville, Margate.1971

Chris Fright (far right bottom) Norman Marsh fifth from left, middle Mack Lelen (sunbeam photographer) next to Norman on right. At the Sunbeam Factory 82 Sweyn Road Cliftonville, Margate, Kent.

Kim Baker and grandmother - Elizabeth Atkinson. On Margate beach.