Sunbeam (197)

Portrait of Win Spurgeon, taken at Viking Bay, Broadstairs.

Molly Wood, Lynne Wood and Doris Wood at Halloween party Hill House Hospital, Minster-in-Thanet, Kent.

Wout Steenhuis, 1959

Jean Anne Parker, Gerald Robert Parker, with Jeremy Robert Parker and Angela Jane Parker in pushchair strolling past Sunbeam donkey at St.Mildred’s Bay, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent.

Violet Marsh (mother) and family - Wendy Hollet (maiden name Marsh), Norma Gallagher (maiden name Marsh) and Vincent Marsh -sitting on a Sunbeam lion.Margate, Kent.

Margate council employees working in one of the council cafes, possibly the Winter Gardens or Margate Sundeck. Center: Dolly Baker.

David Blackburn, taken at the Garden Cafe, Dreamland, Margate.

Helen Norman (Thomas’ first wife) and Thomas (Nod) Norman, sitting on Sunbeam dog. Taken at Ramsgate Harbour.

Mark Haynes, aged five and a half, taken at Butlins, Margate, 1962. Inside of ‘Our Holiday’ Sunbeam photograph booklet.

Men performing antics with Sunbeam tiger at Thanet, Kent.

Jean Wassell, Ronald Wassell, Paul Wassell and Mark Wassell with Sunbeam donkey. Taken at Ramsgate seafront, 1966.

Jill Griffin (maiden name Spurgeon) sitting with Sunbeam teddy bear, taken on slope from Louisa Bay, Broadstairs, Kent.

Jean Lynda Woollard (maiden name Thirkettle) with Sunbeam donkey, taken at Broadstairs 1952.

Taken at Nayland Rock. Three generations: Elizabeth Atkinson, Elizabeth Odwell, Sidney Atkinson, Jean Atkinson. Circa 1935.

Man and woman posing on Sunbeam props on slope leading down to Louisa Bay, Broadstairs, Kent.

David Dagley, Sunbeam Photographer. Taken on Viking Bay, Broadstairs, Kent.

One of the Marsh siblings sitting on a Sunbeam donkey. Margate, Kent.

Chris Fright (far right bottom) Norman Marsh fifth from left, middle Mack Lelen (sunbeam photographer) next to Norman on right. At the Sunbeam Factory 82 Sweyn Road Cliftonville, Margate, Kent.

Sunbeam Photographer at the Winter Gardens, 26/10/56

Jack Rabbatts, Sunbeam photographer, photographing unknown boy on Ramgate beach, Summer 1967.

Miriam Verena Edwards (maiden name Spratling), Eric John Edwards and Frank Edwards sitting on (possibly) Margate beach,July 1933.

Robert Cull and Grace Hadfield with Sunbeam donkey. Taken at Broadstairs seafront.

Big wheel and Sunbeam kiosk at Merrie England funfair and main sands at Ramsgate,Kent.

Winnie Mays (centre) with friends and Sunbeam Donald Duck on the sands, Thanet, Kent.

David Blackburn, taken at the Garden Cafe, Dreamland, Margate.