Walkies collection

Walkies pictures (sometimes called 'seaside pictures') were those taken by professional street photographers working for commercial companies in holiday resorts across the UK. The photographer would 'snap' couples / families walking, or even have props (stuffed sit-on animals or live monkeys) to encourage participation. The photographs would be rapidly printed (postcard size) and available for purchase from purpose built kiosks.


hotel (4)

Evelyn Benson entertaining guests at the Rhonallea Hotel, Edgar Rd, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent. 1950s.

Rhonallea Hotel 1960. Rosalyn Benson (centre)  won Miss June Dairy Maid. Sister Evelyn sat next to her, Minnie Benson (mother) 4th row on left wearing white cardigan. Owner Steve Hazell back row with checked shirt, waitresses in front of him Ann, on left Edna, to left of Edna, Lillian Hazel.

Back right, Steve Hazel, girl on right table Evelyn Benson. Little girl, Angela on holiday with parents and grandmother. Seafront Cliftonville with the Queens Highcliffe hotel in background. 1952

Evelyn Benson with Aunt Doris Staite and Uncle Len Staite at the Rhonallea Hotel, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent. 1950s


donald duck (11)

Sunbeam school photograph St.Lukes school with Donald Duck 1949

Colin Harvey with Robert and Brenda on Margate main sands. 1949

Janet Pearce with Donald Duck on Viking Bay, Broadstairs. (Father in background - Keith Pearce).

Walkies Photograph of two small boys with Sunbeam Donald Duck

Jackie on the sundeck at margate with the Sunbeam Donald Duck. 1950s


winter gardens (3)

First on the left - Michael Foster, Third from left - Michael Sole, Right - Wilfred Cuckson. Taken at Winter Gardens, Margate, Easter Dance, May 1958.

Palais Glide, taken at Winter Gardens, Margate, 1952 at a bank conference. Third from left - Jean Osborne.

Margate council employees working in one of the council cafes, possibly the Winter Gardens or Margate Sundeck. Center: Dolly Baker.


seaside (102)

Ethel Haynes and Jack Haynes with Jean Osborne (maiden name Haynes) and dog Toby. Taken at Viking Bay, Broadstairs, Kent.

Elaine Smith and David Smith on Sunbeam donkey at Deal Seafront promenade.

Iris Bathurst, Danny Bathurst, Daphne Mays with Michael Mays and Michaela Mays at Viking Bay, Broadstairs, Kent. 1967.

Vincent Marsh and Wendy Hollet (maiden name Marsh), on Margate Sands with Donald Duck.

Lady bathing in the sea at Thanet, Kent.


duck (2)

Two women on either end worked in the Sunbeam kiosk, second from right was a female Sunbeam photographer, with Sunbeam donkey and Sunbeam duck. Taken at Ramsgate seafront.

Mark Haynes sitting on Sunbeam duck, taken at Butlins, Cliftonville, 1962. Inside of ‘Our Holiday’ Sunbeam photograph booklet.